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HSGI - Coyote Brown - Elastic Rifle+ Mag Pouch

The Elastic Rifle+ Mag Pouch is designed to fit most large caliber rifle magazines while maintaining a low profile and remain light weight. The woven polypropylene core provides a point to index magazines for reinsertion as well as rigidity for mounting the pouch on belts or carriers.

The Mini MOLLE allows the user to not only MOLLE the pouch as normal, but also provides the opportunity to work with belts with non-standard MOLLE widths. Because the body of the pouch is made from fabric, the pouch can lay almost completely flat when empty making it ideal for any rig that is designed for speed and comfort.

Designed to fit most .308 caliber box magazines (AR10, M14)
Laser cut laminate fabric for durability
Heavy duty T - 70 thread to resist abrasion
Removeable over top retention available as an accessory
Mini MOLLE for versatile mounting options
Includes 2x HSGI clips
Made in USA; Berry Amendment compliant

Dimensions: 3.5” X 6.75” X 1.45”
Weight: .057 LBS / 25.85 G

Magazine and Ammunition Not Included.