Our Story

We first opened for business in 2005 and since we've opened our doors we continue to grow with the Tactical Community. Satisfying and Pushing to better the Professional and Recreational Tactical Community with our expert knowledge from tried and tested quality gear. It has been the Enthusiasts and Professionals that have made us a Canadian Tactical Shop Leader in year after year as we continue to evolve with our Community.

Not just offering Paintball Tech, Tactical Sales, Tutorial Services and Quality Gear, our Prices are Very Competitive in the Canadian Tactical Market. If there's something that we don't have, just message us, let's see what we can do for you. Our helpful friendly staff will be glad to help for all your Tactical Gear Needs.

We have developed a trusted store from offering New Advice to what's best for your needs even if we end up not selling it. Our no pressure sales, experienced staff that actually play paintball along with our customers and our honest methods make us stand out from the others.