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High Speed Gear (HSGI) Taco Mag Pouches Now Available at Ripple!

October 25, 2013


We are proud to introduce High Speed Gear Inc. (HSGI) products here at Ripple!

HSGI is dedicated to building the best USA Made Tactical Nylon Gear. Designed for the highest level of comfort, functionality and versatility for Military, Law Enforcement, Hunting and other Shooting Sports.

Customer Satisfaction Focused. HSGI Products are FULLY WARRANTED to the original owner against defects in Materials and Workmanship for the Lifetime of the Product. (Fully Warranty Policies can be found on manufacture's website.)


Presenting the HSGI TACO Line-up of Tactical Magazine Pouches. This innovative pouch design uses injection molded polymer sides, Cordura Front/Back weaved with shock cord lacing to securely lock in almost any magazine on a MOLLE system. These TACO Pouches are designed for real Tactical Firearm Applications and they can easily fit many types of magazines for paintball.

Available in the following formats in Black, OD, Coyote Brown, Grey, Multi-cam, A-TACS AU and A-TACS FG:

  • Single Rifle Taco
  • Single Pistol Taco
  • Double Decker Taco (Single Rifle w/Pistol)
  • X2R Taco (Double Rifle)
  • X2RP Taco (Double Rifle w/Pistol)


TACO Pouches Left to Right: X2RP, X2R, Double Decker, Single Rifle and Single Pistol.


TACO Magazine Pouches are the most versatile MOLLE Pouch Design that we've seen to date. The Adjustable Shock Cord Lacing allows the pouch tension to be greatly customizable for the operator and can be quickly repaired or replaced on/off the field. A Simple and yet a very impressive design feature, the TACO Pouch can accommodate almost any magazine securely without modification in combat situations.


2XRP Rifle Taco Pouch.

X2R TACO Pouch.


With such a versatile design, the TACO Magazine Pouch can also accommodate other tools and accessories in the same unit. Flashlights, Smoke Grenades, Multi-Tools and many other gadgets can easily fit securely. If required, additional retention webbing tabs are sewn in on top of the pouch for the ability to add a Bungee Release System.


Single Pistol TACO Pouch. Fits many types of Pistol Magazines, Flashlights, Multi-Tools and other accessories.

Adjustable Shock Cord Lacing for pouch tension.

Malice Clips included for mounting to MOLLE Tactical Systems.