Do you guys have a Walk-In store?
We do not have a Walk-In Location. We are only operating Online and occasionally attend local events.

What is the age requirement to buy a Paintball Marker?
Minimum of 18 years to purchase. If you are younger please ask your parents to purchase for you.

How come your prices aren't like other stores for example $9.99 or like $49.95?
We don't need to play tricks with our customers. We know that $9.99 looks cheaper than $10.00, we stand behind our product pricing through friendly caring service, knowledgable staff and offering great prices without all the tricks behind it.

Do you repair paintball markers?
We can repair most paintball markers and makes. Please contact us and we'll see what we can do for you!

What is the difference between Co2 and High Pressure Air?
Co2 (Carbon Dioxide) is a liquid gas that is effected by temperature outside the tank. Co2 tanks do not have a regulator and the output pressure can jump up or down. On a warm day the Co2 tank will have a higher output pressure between 800 to 1200+ psi. Making your paintball marker velocity jump high or low while you play. The advantage of Co2 tanks is that they are most cost effective than HPA Tanks.

High Pressure Air (HPA/Compressed Air) is just the air we breathe everyday and it's highly compressed. HPA tanks are not effected by the temperature and has a built-in regulator with a set output pressure. Usually 800psi (HP output) or 450psi (LP output). The advantage of HPA is that it is cleaner than Co2 and does not ruin marker seals and parts. HPA tanks do cost more than Co2, most players use HPA tanks because most paintball fields now have free HPA tank fills. Where as Co2 cost you each time you fill-up to play. (Depends on your local paintball field, please ask them for details.)

Can I fill HPA tanks with the compressor I bought from my local hardware store?
Most air compressors that you can buy for $300+ at the local hardware store can only fill about 250psi or less. Basic HPA tanks fill upto 3000psi and most paintball field compressor fills are between 3000psi to 5000psi. You would need to buy a High Pressure Air Compressor which is not ideal for personal use.

How much does shipping cost
Shipping is calculated based on your size of the order, total shipping costs can be found upon checkout. All orders over $200 (before taxes) qualify for FREE SHIPPING* (please read our Terms & Policies for more information.)